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I have completed the screenplay for our book, Escape from Paradise for Thunderball Films. The first roles have already been cast.I can edit your screenplay, and put it in a professional format—in a way that producers and studios will appreciate.

I have done two screenplays on Guru – both five stars. One was an editing job. The other is as a ghostwriter on a complete screenplay which is currently  under production in Cleveland, Ohio. For editing my basic rate is $325 and usually takes about two weeks.

For a complete screenplay, based on your story, my rate is $1,200 to $2,000 (depending) in five progress payments based on my delivery and the client’s feedback time. Normally, your screenplay will be complete in about five week’s.

You will be able to market your  screenplay just  like I did with mine for a minimal cost of $65. It will be in the exact same way as Escape from Paradise, was picked up by ThunderBall Films and is now in pre-production.

In addition to your completed script, you will need a great logline, and a synopsis which I will do for you.. Below, is an example from my screenplay, Trailer Park.

Trailer Park Logline
(The logline shouldn’t exceed 60 words –
the shorter the logline the better)
A wrong turn into a trailer park leads to romance.

Trailer Park Sinapsis
(Should be one page, about 450 words)

Steve Johnson, a San Francisco architect, and recent widower in his early forties or fifties, is laid off from his upscale job due to the recession.
He decides to sell his house and take off in a trailer for a deserved break. His realtor, Toni Ribecki, is a successful and driven yuppie in spike heels. Toni sells Steve’s house in record time to a rich computer dweeb, and his furniture to an Iranian rug dealing couple.
. . .
A nostalgic drive-by to his old house produces more insults – in his mail there is a lawsuit from Toni, the yuppie realtor, and a piddling check from the Iranians, as Steve’s aggressive daughter-in-law has picked up most of his furniture.
Steve discovers the old rule that you can’t always go back home. Realizing that, he returns to the trailer park, where Katie shows up unexpectedly with a casserole, a kiss, and a feel-good happy ending.

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Here are software programs and websites that provide screenplay formatting.

The industry standard for screenplay formatting is considered to be Final Draft. However, I prefer Movie Magic Screenwriter as it has a wealth of great features.

Either of these will cost you in the range of $300, but there are some free alternatives.  Celtx is a rather powerful free downloadable program that can be used for various formats such as screenplays, theatrical plays, television scripts, comic books, and novels.  Celtx provides some excellent features as it can be used for production scheduling and enables you to import photos for storyboards.  Celtx also has a cloud server feature permitting access to your work from any of your cloud-enabled devices.

There is also a  system to you to write screenplays online – Scripped.  Both online and cloud options enable you to work closely with other writers or with your client

The cloud or online options are fantastic if you collaborate with other writers.  Be aware, though, that you will have much better formatting control with either Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter.

Here are some links for aspiring screenwriters to follow:

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